about us

Cruz Candle is a privately held California based company owned by Alexandra Cruz. We are a home décor provider that specializes in minimalist and all natural soy wax candles. As an artist, Cruz caters to people’s taste for elegance in their lifestyles with decor, aromas and candles of a pure design that replaces the tawdry, over-designed and restrictive décor of the 20th century lifestyle. The Cruz product brand is known best for the “Classic Collection,” inspired by the great classic novelists John Steinbeck, Charlotte BrontëCarlos Ruiz Zafón,  Louisa May Alcott, Vladimir Nabokov, Margaret Mitchell, Albert Camus, Emily Brontë and Sylvia Plath.

Cruz Candle is determined to revolutionize the everyday lifestyle by diminishing cluttered environments with décor that promotes a more refined and pure atmosphere. The simple design of our candles is reminiscent of the Minimal and Nordic styles that empower clarity of mind, space and character. Our use of pure soy wax produces candles that are fragrant and high quality. We hand pour our wax with carefully chosen oils that are true to the concept of each candle.

- Founded August 15th, 2016